So – here you are!

It’s January 14th, 2010, and here you are – browsing a site called “The Daily Job Hunt.” Ouch! Perhaps this HUGE detour on the road of life was not in your personal strategic plan. Or – “Ouch!” again – you are in a frying pan in your current position, and you recognize handwriting on the wall that says it’s time to move on.

We’re glad you’re here at The Daily Job Hunt, reading our strategies, no matter what your circumstances! Today’s job hunting process forces you to examine your perspectives about who you are, how you see life around you, what you believe is your true purpose, and how you define your personal brand.

We know, we know! It sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Who’d have thought that job hunting at an accomplished stage of your life would require so much self-examination? Or such willingness to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, metaphorically and literally, to honestly evaluate the impression you give to others?

Ahhhh…. perhaps you’ve been the leader at the top of the totem pole for many years. That’s tough. We absolutely FEEL for you…. Nonetheless, we are going to give you real world STRAIGHT TALK about what it’s going to take to get you to the next destination in your career.

Most of us have a tendency to see “the job hunt” literally like a hunting expedition in the wild. You are chasing down potential job leads and networking situations with all of the fervor of King Arthur. You’re “hunting” them down to do what? KILL them? A piece of advice: Don’t fight it! The job hunting process serves a purpose with the right strategy. It can change your life for the better if you do it right. It can be – wait for it – the best thing that ever happened to you!

Make a commitment today to see your job hunt as a chance to EVOLVE and make progress in your journey through life. Make a commitment to transform yourself and the image you project to the world while you are shaping up to land your next act. We won’t sugar coat it: You’ll never get a second chance to make a great “first impression.”

This blog is about the power of “Back to Basics” job hunting. It’s about straight talk. Let’s change your life. Let’s start now.
Di Chapman
CEO, Words to Your Advantage Speaking and Writing Service


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2 Responses to “So – here you are!”

  1. R.L.Loyd Says:

    Di’s advise to “make the leap” and overcome the “fears” we have accumulated over the years is quite valid. Did you notice however, she did not “leap without looking” first? She had a goal, she planned, and she knew exactly where she was leaping! She didn’t jump blindly into the unknown – but she did have the courage to jump! Kudos’ Di, I’m ready to follow you over the cliff and into my future!

    • Powerful Coach Says:

      Hello, R.L.!
      Wow, even I didn’t realize that my “leap of faith” was more of a planned strategy! I have to admit, I resolved to achieve something that was important to me. The thing is – as is often the case when you make a goal or a “deal” with yourself – once I admitted to myself that something was worthy of pursuit, the universe or the “cosmos” if you will, kicked in. I honestly didn’t know exactly where my intention would lead me, literally, but I was happy to go where it did. And, now, I consider myself a better person for it, and a better professional. Does that make sense?

      P.S. – If you’re going to follow me over the cliff, hang on to your hat! Never let it be said that my journey through life was dull or slow. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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