Make New Choices to Create a New Future

One of my favorite quotations of all time is the one that reads something like this:  “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Whoa! Does anyone need clarification about what this statement means? When you’re looking for work, or when you’re looking for a new opportunity, whether it will be where you are now, or somewhere else you’d rather be, you must adopt a mindset that is different than the one you’re currently using. Sound complicated? Well, it can be, but let’s see if we can sort through some solutions while we’re on this page.

Have you ever prepared to  interview for a job that totally excites you, at a place that sounds great to you,  for a purpose that really appeals to you… only to find that in the interview, there’s no ability to “connect” well with the interviewer? This can happen at any time, in any place, and with anyone, for a very simple reason. Wherever you go, there you are. When you go to an interview, the “you” who has experience doing a job in a certain way, meets the “he or she” who has been doing the same job in a totally different way. The potential for “missing the mark” in the interview can be huge, unless one of the parties makes a concerted effort to point out mutual similarities and benefits, and is able to be like a chameleon on cue when courting a new employer.

This is not impossible to do, but yes, it can be a very tall order! As a professional in transition, one of the best things you can do to land a new job is to step out of your box of habits and customs that you derive from your former position, and strive to BE NEW. We’re not talking about throwing out excellent working habits of strategy creation, talent management, project management, leadership development, or sales tactics. Your abilities in those arenas will make an absolute difference in creating your success or failure no matter where you go.

What we’re talking about here is your enthusiastic embrace of taking risks as you walk into an interview situation, and of sometimes choosing the road less traveled…. Maybe for you that means saying “yes” to some standard questions that normally you would say “no” to. Or maybe it means something as simple as making a change in what you wear to an interview.  Do you normally wear a black pinstripe suit to your interviews? Try a gray or a navy blue. Have you been telling the same anecdotal stories for the last 20 years? Take a walk down memory lane and create new stories by revisiting the things that happened to you, and the milestones you achieved. If your stories are oldies but goodies, find a fresh way to tell them. Breathe new energy into a well-worn anecdote.

You can also look at personality traits that affect how you are perceived by interviewers. Do you have a normally “whisper quiet” demeanor? Try adding some volume to your voice. Are you a slow, methodical mover? Interject some energy and take some brisk steps down the hallowed halls of a potential employer. Are you fond of using colloquial expressions? Try up-to-the-minute vernacular for a change.  The point is, while you’re job hunting, why not consider making some changes?

A new job is all about a new future. It holds hope for new promises and new potential. Try something different as you set your sights on your next job. BE NEW to land it.

Di Chapman

CEO, Words To Your Advantage Speaking and Writing Service


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