You Gotta JUMP!!

Sometimes, in life, you gotta take a leap of faith.

I know this is true, as I have probably taken more than my fair share of “leaps,” often jumping into things that were not quite right, including a few jobs. BUT HERE’S THE DEAL: When you’re looking for work, the tendency is to stand at the edge of the cliff, peeking over the rim beneath you, and freezing your focus on nothing but the sheer drop before you.  Now, honestly, I’m terrified of heights …. I have no idea when that came about. When I was a kid I scaled buildings and walked logs that had fallen across canyons, and jumped off of high dives – all in the company of my older brothers. I hung off of treeforts, and climbed high fir trees, limb to limb. It was exhilarating to me!!

But, somewhere along the way, between childhood and “grown up,” I lost some of my ability to leap into the unknown or climb high, whether it was a networking event, a possible job opportunity, or even making calls to people I’ve always wanted to meet. Somewhere, somehow, I began to experience FEAR of the unknown.

Which brings me to NOW. In this past year, I took a leap of faith. I mustered my courage to make some phone calls, and to send some emails to amazing people I truly wanted to make sure I meet in my lifetime. I gently persisted, always polite, always genuine in my calls and emails, expressing how much I admire them and their work.

Now, exactly one year later, my writing is being posted regularly on Such an honorable and impressive online publisher. AND that connection, started by my emails to Mac Anderson, the CEO and Founder, and his staff, has now led to something I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams ….. I’m helping the team of Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, one of the most celebrated heroes of the Vietnam war, as he presents the National Freedom Award to the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., and posthumously, Maj. Gen. George W. Casey, Sr, who lost his life in Vietnam. The event is scheduled for February 15th, President’s Day, and I’LL BE THERE.

My gentle, persistent phone calls and E-mails to the General’s staff over the last 8 to 10 months resulted in the invitation to join his speech-writing and publicity team. It’s such an honor, and I hope to represent the General Moore team to the best of my abilities. Ladies and Gentleman, I suited up!

You can suit up for the role of your dreams as well. Be inspired!! And while you’re here, I’ve attached the press release we’ve written for this incredible event honoring true American heroes, the genuine articles. I’d love it if you’d pass along this information to everyone you know: You, I, WE need a hero right now…. and this amazing event will give us three of them.

…. and YOU need to know that if you’re willing to take a leap, amazing things can come from it. Sometimes, it’s the perfect thing to do!

Sincerely, Di Chapman, Founder of Words To Your Advantage Speaking and Writing Service, and Chief Writer and Communications Officer for Power Connections  – Please see President’s Day info below:

For Immediate Release

Montevallo, Alabama:





United States Army Chief of Staff, General George W. Casey, Jr., will personally receive and accept for his deceased father, Major General George W. Casey, Sr., the National Freedom Award from the American Citizenship Trust on President’s Day, February 15, 2010.  Previous recipient, Lt. General Hal Moore, and West Point (’45) classmate of Casey, Sr., will present the award along with the American Citizenship Trust.

The President’s Day Convocation and Celebration is being hosted at the American Village campus of the American Citizenship Trust in Montevallo, Alabama. The All-American lineup and other key program highlights include:

Secretary Dirk Kempthorne (former Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Senator and Governor of Idaho) will speak on LAND OF THE FREE

Secretary Bo Calloway (former Secretary of the Army) will share his views on HOME OF THE BRAVE

The keynote address will be delivered by Lt. General Hal Moore – ONE HEARTBEAT: A SACRED FIRE FOR AMERICA’S LIBERTY.

BACKGROUND: The National Freedom Award

The National Freedom Award is awarded by the American Citizenship Trust to those who have rendered great service to America as a citizen, leader and steward.  From George Washington forward, America has benefited from leaders who have distinguished themselves in service to our nation above self and personal glory.

Lt. General Hal Moore

The first recipient was a military hero, author, and speaker on leadership, Lt. General Hal Moore.  A book authored by Hal Moore and Joe Galloway, We Were Soldiers Once… And Young, remained in the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List for seventeen weeks and soon thereafter was adapted to the motion picture screen in a film called, We Were Soldiers.

The movie featured Mel Gibson as Moore, Sam Elliott as Sgt. Major Basil Plumley, Madeleine Stowe as Julie Moore, and Barry Pippen as Joe Galloway.  Greg Kinnear portrayed Bruce “Snake” Crandall, a courageous helicopter pilot.  In addition to the events for which Hal Moore would gain fame, the book and movie also chronicle the heroic exploits of Col. Bruce Crandall, Col. Joe Marm, and Ed “Too Tall” Freeman, all of whom would be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions in the battle of Ia Drang Valley.

For Moore, it will be an honor to present, along with the American Citizenship Trust, the National Freedom Award to Moore’s former West Point classmate (Class of 1945) and dear friend, Major General George W. Casey, Sr., and his son, Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr.

Moore’s and Casey’s careers paralleled each other, both serving in the heat of battle in Korea and Vietnam, but the two were to meet very different fates.  On July 7, 1970, Casey’s helicopter crashed into a mountain in bad weather and he was killed.  He was the highest-ranking member of the armed forces to be killed in Vietnam.

Moore said of Casey recently, “He should never have been killed.  It should have been me.  America needed him more than me.” Nevertheless, in the years following Casey’s death, Moore celebrated the great service of his friend and classmate.

Major General George W. Casey, Sr.

Casey’s service included commanding of the 1st Cavalry Division (United States).  Casey’s decorations and medals were many:  Silver Star (3), Legion of Merit (2), Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart (2), and the Air Medal.  His wife, three daughters and two sons, including George Jr., who was 22 at the time his father was killed, survived Major General Casey.  Immediately after his father’s death, Julie and Hal Moore were constant friends and supporters of the family during their time of grief.

General George W. Casey, Jr., Army Chief of Staff

General George W. Casey, Jr., learned many lessons from his father’s years of service. He would come to know and embrace courage, sacrifice and care of the soldier.  General George Casey now is leading the U.S. Army as Chief of Staff.  Gen. Casey has held commands of the Multinational Force Iraq, 1st Armored Division, Joint Warfighting Center, and the 3rd Brigade 1st Cavalry Division.  He has received the following medals and awards:  Defense Distinguished Service Medal (3), Army Distinguished Service Medal (2), Legion of Merit (3), and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Casey has served as Chief of Staff of the US ARMY since April 10, 2007.

The immense privilege to honor the Casey family leadership legacy, which General Casey, Jr. builds upon in serving America today, is of the highest order.


The event honors five hundred invited guests and celebrate there being citizens and leaders in and for America.  Included are leaders from America in education, government, military, business, civic affairs, religion, and entertainment.

The American Citizenship Trust is awarding the 2010 National Freedom Award jointly to General George W. Casey, Jr., United States Army Chief of Staff, and his father, Major General George W. Casey, Sr., who was killed in Vietnam in 1970. The joint award to a son and father is unique and recognizes the significant contributions by two great Americans, whose names are each synonymous with leadership, courage and sacrifice.

The American Citizenship Trust hosts this event at its signature campus — the American Village —  located just south of Birmingham, right in the center of Alabama and the Southeastern United States.  This occasion celebrates the 10th anniversary of the American Village campus.  Over 35,000 students from throughout the Southeastern United States participate each year in its citizenship and leadership educational programs.  For ten years, it has served as a powerful, major hands-on learning center for students to experience the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights – first hand.  Students debate Patrick Henry’s resolves for independence, meet Thomas Jefferson as he drafts the Declaration, drill in Washington’s Army, serve as delegates to the Constitutional Convention, and meet in a full replica of the President’s Oval Office.

The American Village is located on a 113-acre campus unique in America, with its primary goal to teach citizenship and leadership to America’s youth.  Over 400,000 youth have been part of the revolutionary experience of 1776.  There is something about American Village from the past that inspires youth to believe in for the future.  President’s Day, February 15, 2010 will offer a window into the next decade, for the year 2020.  Tom Walker will respond to the challenge from Lt. General Hal Moore by outlining the Trust’s national education plans for the next decade.

The Addresses: The Land of the Free /The Home of the Brave /One Heartbeat

As a tribute to America on President’s Day, the five hundred invited guests will be treated to three important keynote addresses.  The day will feature Secretary Dirk Kempthorne in his presentation of Land of the Free.  Kempthorne was mayor of Boise, Idaho, Governor of Idaho, US Senator from Idaho and former Secretary of the Interior.  Kempthorne states,“The privilege I have is to have been invited to Liberty Hall as a citizen of the United States of America.  I am truly humbled to be included.  It will be a day to be remembered forevermore, and to able to share thoughts on America’s freedom is a gift to me.”

Former Secretary of the Army, Bo Callaway, will speak on America, The Home of the Brave.  Calloway was secretary during the Hal Moore years and awarded him his third star.  Callaway is most expressive in his feelings, “Since the beginning, America has offered the most courageous and brave military in the world.  Our men and women are unequalled in might and devotion to country.  To speak about their bravery in this setting will be an undeserved honor.”

The last keynote address is One Heartbeat: A Sacred Fire for America’s Liberty, to be given by Lt. General Hal Moore.  “George Washington had that sacred fire. So must I. So must we. So must our youth.  It is high time we come together to blaze new trails for America’s liberty.”

The response For Liberty! will be given by American Citizenship Trust founder and chief executive officer Tom Walker.  “Benjamin Franklin said our founders had given to us a Republic, if we can keep it.  George Washington said liberty was an ‘experiment’ in the hands of the American people.  The question today for America is, ‘how shall we keep the Republic,’ and ‘how shall we keep faith with the vision of our founders and those who in every generation have sacrificed for liberty?'” The addresses will be presented under the American Citizenship Trust program theme:  Citizens, Leaders, Stewards.

Happy 88th Birthday Hal Moore

Later, festivities include Hal Moore’s 88th birthday celebration, including a country music presentation and an Alabama country style Bar-B-Q luncheon and special remarks from Joe Galloway, and Joe Marm, Medal of Honor recipient.  Songs written and recorded for Hal Moore and his wife Julie, now deceased, include Julie I’m Home, The Ballard of Hal Moore, A Mighty Chill, and Lady Liberty.

About the day’s activities and the National Freedom Award, Tom Walker frames the events by saying, “This day is what George Washington and Abraham Lincoln envisioned for America – a day devoted to liberty and love of our nation.  We as American citizens and leaders bare responsibility for what Washington called the ‘sacred fire of liberty’ — and that is what brings us together this President’s Day, and will inspire us long after.  We honor these servants of liberty and country and look forward to this remarkable day.”

Any media requests must be made approved in advance.

Press kits available, with photos and bios.

For additional information contact:

US Army Chief of Staff PR:  LTC Rich Spiegel (703-693-4961) EST

Alabama PR and Media:  Mike Jones – 205-665-3535 ext. 25 CST

National PR and Media:

Di Chapman – 949-275-8188, PST

Brian Sobel – 707-762-3509, PST


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