Stories From “The Hunt:” It’s a Whole New World!

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Today’s guest blog is by R.L. Lloyd, who might be just like YOU – a daily job hunter!

March 4, 2010

As an “Executive in Transition,” I am currently reassessing my career goals.  Having been employed consistently for over twenty-five years, this is a new and traumatic experience for me! Not only have I changed dramatically, the method of job hunting (a euphemism for “what the heck do I do now?”) has morphed into something almost unrecognizable.

The last time I “looked for work” I picked up a newspaper and browsed the want ads.  I also contacted an employment agency and interviewed for a position to fit my skills. I submitted a résumé that listed my employment history and waited for an interview with the head of human resources or a corporate officer, i.e., a real person. Today? Well, imagine my naiveté.  While I realized many things had changed, I was totally unprepared for exactly how much had changed!

I won’t belabor the “changes” at this time; anyone looking for work after even five years of consistent employment knows what they are.  For me, the most radical change was The Résumé.

While potential employers still require a résumé, the format and method of submission are quite different. Many companies will only accept a resume’ via email.  The résumé is then “searched” for key words to determine if the candidate qualifies for the position, before it even reaches a human being!  So, if not “worded” correctly, your résumé’ isn’t even considered.

Also, my experience now is that one résumé may not be enough.  Depending on your career goals and experience, you may need to feature different skills and qualities for each position you are interested in.  I actually have four specific résumés now, each one tweaked to highlight different experience.

I began with just one, stating the obvious, based on my last position and title.  But as I updated all of my achievements and the depth of my professional history, it became apparent that I had a lot more experience in more areas than I realized.  It also became apparent that I might be able to change careers based on this experience, and be qualified for several different “jobs!”

This opened up a whole new world for me!  I did not have to be “pigeon holed” into an environment that no longer fit. I could still grow, continue to learn and be productive in ways I had never seriously considered before!  There was finally a “light at the end of the tunnel,” and instead of the headlight of an oncoming freight train barreling down at me, it was the opening to a whole new vista! A future that held endless possibilities, goals and “work” that I could really “get into” and enjoy!

Now, tethering my balloon for a minute, I have to honestly say, the prospect was daunting.  But at least it was a “prospect.”  And if my résumés were any proof, I was more than capable of pursuing these career options.

Therefore, I cannot stress enough how vital a good resume is!  Not only will it attract the right opportunity, but the process will open your eyes to just how talented you really are!  I don’t know about you, but for me, this “eye opener” has been a blessing.  Being “downsized” isn’t good for anyone’s morale, and it had left me personally feeling totally “dispensable. “

But, with my “new and improved” résumé versions in tow, I am now on my way to that “bright future” previously described. I am effectively changing my career, following new options, and feeling more “indispensable” than ever!  And, I am “slowly but surely” adapting to the changes required by today’s job market.  After all, I can hardly let that highly qualified, skilled person described in my résumé down, now can I?

So, Job Hunters everywhere, take heed – grab your “new and improved” résumé and get going! Success awaits!

– R.L. Lloyd

Thank you, R.L., for sharing your personal story with TheDailyJobHunt !! – Di Chapman, Founder, Words To Your Advantage Speaking and Writing Service; Chief Writer and Communications Officer for


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