Success is Never Final

We welcome an expert Career Coach with this TDJH Tip Tactic post, and are delighted that she has chosen to publish her valuable advice with us here at The Daily Job Hunt. Julie LaCroix, M.A. Ed., CMP, has been following along with The Daily Job Hunt twitter tips since the beginning of the year, and has sent me feedback and wisdom that I’d like to start sharing with you. We’ll start with her comments about how being “in transition,” i.e., unemployed but looking, is an excellent time to do some soul-searching and a reality check. Here are Julie’s thoughts:

Do you really think this is the last time you will be faced with being in transition?

This transition is not your last, so make the most of it. Use this transition as an opportunity to do the hard work to create a differentiation platform for yourself now, so you have something to build on next time.

Once you dive deep into your experiences to pull out your passions and expertise, you have defined your brand. In hunting for your next job, be sure you are positioning yourself to build on those. Make this work count. Make sure you can build on what you already know and love and are good at. Look for roles in organizations that will enhance the brand you have developed. Here are some ideas:

– In the transition process, have you learned that you are really good at working with large sets of data? Then be sure you are developing expertise in your new job that enhances the use of technology.

– In the transition process, you have realized that you don’t really like to manage people? Look for a job that allows you to manage processes instead.

– Are you an IT project leader with a combined skillset of aggressive project management, yet a collaborative leadership style? Look for a CEO who is looking for rapid change, but will allow you to manage the project autonomously.

Keeping your expertise in mind, your next job can help even further develop your brand.

Develop your brand now. Build on it during your next job. Have a powerful branding message ready to launch for your next transition; you may have developed a strong and successful brand for yourself, but it won’t be your final one.

Julie LaCroix, M.A. Ed., CMP, Career Management Consultant and Coach, Power Connections Executive Career Management and Outplacement Services


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