You’ve Still Got It!

To say that 2010 went by in a flash is the understatement of the year – unless, of course, you mean that it went by in a nano-second. I heard somewhere that time is actually accelerating its pace, that this sensation of it literally screaming by us at the speed of light might not just be “all in our heads.” Apparently, there are some laws of physics, laws of nature, recent scientific studies, and philosophic observations that all support the notion that we are barreling into the future at a much faster rate than in previous history. So, I want to bring this up right now, while you are fresh into a new year, and perhaps feeling the pressure of a job hunt still on-going from 2010. If you looked into the mirror on this first Monday of the new year, and felt absolute fear about what this year might bring to you as an unemployed professional, I’d like to remind you of just one thing: “Don’t worry, you’ve still got it!”

While the calendar might have turned over in a mathematical and symbolic way, 2010 can be looked at as merely a “chapter” in your life. As the expression says, “Life is not a destination, but a journey.” ┬áIt’s an expression I love, because if you truly make the effort to see your life that way, you can live one day at a time, savoring and being fully present in each moment. And even though as Americans we believe that “the pursuit of happiness” is a right of citizenry, we can be misguided about the meaning of happiness, and how it is actually manifested. The happiest of lives will still experience good days and bad, confusion as well as clarity, and dashed hopes alongside joyous victories.

Starting off the year as a professional “in transition” might surely be classified as a life event that qualifies for the “dashed hopes” category. Honestly? It’s not necessarily a chapter you wanted to write. But, the journey is still going forward. Yes, you are only human. You are entitled to the angst that accompanies unemployment as it stretches like a lonely road before you. I believe I can say with certainty that you never dreamed when you lost your job in 2010, you would still be looking for another in 2011.

So, now for the message that I want you to take away as you read this. I know you’ve still got it! The skills you have on your resume are still in tact. Your executive and professional history is still on record. Your triumphs and achievements are still with you – no one can take them away. Your educational background is still yours to keep forever. Your wisdom about life and work, and their challenges, solutions, and outcomes is still finely honed. Your talents are many, and bring value to your relationships.

You’ve still got it – the ability to make things happen, to generate success, to collaborate, to bring team members to the table for a worthy goal.

The year 2011 is going to be about changes – changes in how we work, how we think, and how we measure success in our lives. It’s going to be a year that starts a process of valuing flexibility and creativity in working styles. You’ll be called upon to work in teams with multiple generations, and diverse talents. You’ll be asked to define the future in new ways, and to change your perspective on the meaning of well-being, a job well-done, and the impact of your life on your ┬árelationships, community, and country.

Susan Howington just released another blog post in her “Fuel The Economy” series. She’s taking a bold perspective on what we can do to help all of you who are unemployed. The bottom line in her message is “We can hire you!” We can hire the unemployed. You’ve all still got it! And you deserve to be working.

Keep going! 2011 is just a new chapter in your life. Make it the chapter you’ve always wanted it to be. You’ve done it before – and you’ve still got it!

Di Chapman is the Founder of Words To Your Advantage Speaking and Writing Service; and the Chief Communications Officer and Chief Writer of Power Connections Inc. Executive Outplacement, Career Management and Coaching Service.



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